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Weather of Delhi


Delhi comes under category of continental climate with extremes of heat in summers and acute cold in winters. Weather has chopped into five seasons of summer, winter, monsoon spring and autumn. Summers season starts in the month of mid May and lasts long up to end of July followed by an additional short Season ‘’Monsoon’’ which runs from August to mid-September. This season is totally unpredictable, Delhites sometimes enjoy only a few droplets of rain and sometimes it rains like cats and dogs which can lead to 24hours long traffic jam. Autumn arrives after monsoon by mid October. Autumn has the signs of very dry ambiance, sunshiny days and refreshing cool nights. Temperature usually falls under 30 °C to 20 °C. This season ends by early December. The month of May is the hottest month of the year where sometimes temperature climbs up to more than 45 degrees.

Season of rains can be start at the end of September. On an average rainfall that the city receives is 650-710mm. Month of August is the time when city receives maximum rainfall. “Delhi ki Sardi” or Winters starts in month of November and ends goes till end of the month February. Despite being the best time to visit Delhi but winters come up with one major problem “Fog“. Fog or smog takes place from late night to early morning and makes visibility very poor. In the month of December, the climate becomes very chilly and the temperature is always less than 5degree C. Reason behind the acute cold in winters is the location of the city. Delhi is situated on the bank of river Yamuna from where heavy winds flow. Another reason behind this extreme climate is the Geographical Locations of Delhi. “Loo” or hot waves which come from the deserts of Rajasthan and nearness to the Himalaya makes winters acute cold.


Seasons Month Temperature
Winter December – January 5o – 25o
Spring February – March 20o – 25o
Summer April – End of July 25o – 45o
Monsoon July – Mid-September 28o – 35o
Autumn September – Early December 30– 20 o

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