A Gurudwara made in the memories of a devotee…

Gurudwara Majnu ka tila


Introduction: There are many Gurudwaras in Delhi having dozens of untold stories but this gurudwara is one of oldest Sikh shrines in Delhi, located on the right bank of Yamuna river. “Tila” literally means a small hill. A young Muslim boy named Abdullah was so engrossed in his work of taking people from one bank of the river to the another one for free. He was too much satisfied to serve people for free as he thought that he is not serving only people he is serving to god directly. People started calling him as ‘Majnu’. One day guruji was walking on the banks of river Yamuna and saw him lost in meditation. He didn’t have any idea where he is and what is going around him, which showed that the world and its pleasures meant nothing to him. After being so pleased with Majnu’s dedication Guru Nanak Dev blessed him, he said to majnu “your name will be known forever”. So this was the story behind the name Gurdwara Majnu-Ka-Tilla (the small hill of Majnu). From the architectural point of view, the white marble building of Gurudwara has a mesmerizing view and also a very beautiful tomb top. A well is also there in the gurudwara premises. The Gurdwara Majnu ka tila is known to serve langar 24 hours.


History: In 1783, Baghel Singh Sikh military leader built the Majnu ka Tila Gurudwara after the demise of Abdullah. Guru Har Gobind also stayed here for a period of time when he was invited to Delhi by Emperor Jahangir after the death of his father. This Gurudwara is blessed by Ram Rai who was the son of Guru Har Rai. Also during the 15th Century AD, this Gurudwara was sanctified by the founder of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanak. The well of this Gurudwara is the place where Ram Rai showed all the miracles to Aurangzeb. Gurudwara Majnu ka Tila is among one of the oldest Sikh shrines in Delhi.


Open: Daily


Kirtan timings: 5:00am to 9:00pm


Address:  Magazine Road, Civil Lines, New Delhi-110054


Nearest metro station: Vidhan sabha


Celebrations:  Baisakhi, The birthday of Khalsa


Contact no.: 011-23810736


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