About us

Who we are?

KnowMyDelhi team is looking forward to transmit information and some facts about Delhi with infinite high quality dazzling photos. We at KnowMyDelhi looking forward to get connected with the maximum people and let them create a healthy and enduring relationship with our spellbound city.



Knowmydelhi is a venture run by 4 delhiites Kamal sharma, Rahul Sharma, Vishal Sharma and Vipul gaur. Kamal and vipul co-founded KnowMyDelhi together in 2017 later Rahul and Vishal joined them. All of the information is harvested after wandering in the city and the photos are attractively taken by our team.


Why KnowMyDelhi?

Not only information of the city also we have exclusive video gallery available at our website. We have designed an easy to navigate webpage for you with multiple options to select your place you want to read about. Moreover, if you have further information which is not mentioned, we are intensely curious to know and publish it here as we are also a good listener.


How we work?

We help millions of travelers to get access to accurate knowledge about our city so that they can make their trip an interesting experience and wander freely in the streets.

Not only this but also KNOWMYDELHI is here to provide you some more information. We would love to answer any questions you may have about this mesmerizing city and create an effective relationship with you.

If you have something to tell us or any query related to the information of our website or want to know something more feel free to write us at info@knowmydelhi.in.