Ballimaran market

A market where one can purchase a pair of shoes and a pair of glasses for only 300 bucks!!!




If you want to purchase yourself a pair of glasses head towards Ballimaran would be the best possible option. This market is hidden inside Delhi-6’s narrow streets between Khari Baoli and Chandni Chowk, DELHI. This market is India’s substantial wholesale market for spectacle frames, sunglasses, contact lens and correlated equipment like spectacle cases, contact lens cases, shoes, bangles and of course that little scrap of yellow fabric which comes with every pair of spectacles. There are many more metallic frames in a multitude of colors. Ballimaran market has approximately three classification of every product being sold. This market stocks is both indigenous produced goods and those that have been imported, which prices depend largely on your negotiate skills. Ballimaran is the market of shoes,bangle and spects. This market is more Hustle and bustle of honking vehicles. Ballimaran is India’s wholesale market for spectacles, frames, Sunglasses, contact lens, cleaning solutions for your pair of glasses and cases to protect your pricey glasses. Whether you want to buy titanium glasses or plastic ones, vintage metallic frames or light weight everything is available in this market. Quality has divided into three grades. First copy or almost exact copy of the original product, second which is cheaper as compared to the first copy goods. Then comes the third or the lowest one which is the cheapest one. This market has also become very famous for wholesale shoe markets. One can shop the best, cheap and exact copy of some reputed brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and Reebok. Few shops deal in the original products too. USP of the market is “Jootiyan” or “Mochri” which are manufactured here and get exported all over India. As far as history of Ballimaran is concerned, this market was built in 1857. This market used to be the place for the famous hakims of Delhi, whose houses and Dawakhanas (clinics) still be seen today.


Known for/Speciality: Spectacles, Shoes


Open:  Monday to Saturday


Nearest Metro Station: Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazar


Other facilities:

  • Parking: It’s better not to travel by car in here because of crowded and narrow lanes.
  • ATM: Many ATM’s are present across the road.
  • Food near you: This area is rich in muslim street food. Best things to eat here is NAHARI, SEEKH KABAB, RUMALI ROTI, CHICKEN SHAWRAMA.



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