A brief look over Delhi’s history 


Delhi has long historical relations which dated back to Mahabharat. Legend has that before before 1460 B.C Yudhisthira, the Pandava king built a city named “Indraprastha”. Old Fort marks to be the site where city of indraprastha located.

100 BC – As the time gone Raja Dhilu came into the power and renamed it as “Dilli”.




Lal kot

AD 736 – After Raja Dhilu, Tomar Rajput rulers built Lal Kot which situated near Mehrauli.

Quila rai pithora

1180 – Tomars rulers got evicted by The Chauhans who established Qila Rai Pithora. This was the first city of Delhi.

1191 – The first sultan of Delhi “Muhammad Ghori” captured Delhi.




1206 – Muhammad Ghori was assassinated on March 15 by Prithviraj Chauhan while offering his evening prayers. After then his lieutenant Qutub-ud-din Aibak became Sultan of Delhi.

1236 – Shams-ud-din Iltutmish started the work of expanding The Qutub Minar Complex. Later when he died and one of his son “Rukn –ud–din–firoz ”become his successor but was assassinated in 7 months.

1236-40 – Razia sultana succeeded her father Shams-ud-din Iltutmish and she was perhaps the one and only woman emperor of Delhi or may be India.

1266 – 1287 –  Ghiyas-ud-din-Balban came into power.




1290 – Jalal-ud-din-firoz-khilji killed Ghuiyas-ud-din-Balban and came into power.

1296 – Jalal ud-Din Firoz Khilji was assassinated by his nephew and son-in-law Juna Muhammad khilji who also known as Ala ud-Din Khilji.


1303 – Ala-ud-din Khilji, the next Delhi Sultan came into power and found the second city of Siri. This area is known as Hauz Khas and gulmohar park today.

1316 – After when Ala-ud-din-khilji died his general Malik Kafur an eunuch, tried to assume power but was killed.





1320 – Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq or Ghazi malik became Sultan after killing khusro khan.

1325 – Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq built Tughlakabad Fort. Later in the same year he was killed by his own son Juna Khan who also known as Muhammad bin Tughlaq.


1334 – Muhammad bin Tughlaq renamed city to Jahanpanah.


1354 – Feroz Shah Tughlaq found the fifth city of Delhi “Ferozabad”. Some major sites built during this time were Khirki mosque and Begumpur mosque and Nizamuddin dargah.

1398 – The Tughlaq dynasty had come to an end when Timur looted Delhi.




1415 – 1451 – The sayyid dynasty ruled the Delhi Sultanate. Rulers of sayyid dynasty were

  1. Khizr khan
  2. Mubarak shah
  3. Muhammad shah
  4. Ala-ud-din-shah




1526-1530 – Babur died and his son Humayun took over power.


1538 – A city was found by Humayun named Dinpanah.


1545 – Sher Shah died while fighting against the Rajputs and was succeeded by his son Islam Shah.

1556 – Humayun returned from Kabul to Delhi and later in the same year died. Akbar shifted the capital to Agra.

1628 – Shah Jahan who was the grandson of mughal Emperor Akbar, made again Delhi the capital.

Shahjahanabad – The walled city

1639 – New city was found by Shah Jahan named Shahjahanabad and started the construction work of Red Fort.

1648 – Red Fort or Lal Qila was completely constructed.

1656 – “ Jama masjid ” one of the largest mosques in India was built.

1707 – Aurangzeb died and Mughal Empire started falling.

1724 – India’s one of the five Jantar Mantar was built by Maharaja jai singh of jaipur.

1739 – Persian invader Nadir Shah ordered a massacre.

1754 – Shuja-ud-Daula built Safdarjung’s Tomb for his father Mirza Khan, popularly known as Safdarjung.

1760 – The Marathas and the Jats looted the Red Fort.




1803 – After defeating the Marathas the British took control of Delhi.

1806 – Akbar Shah came into power after his father Shah Alam.

1837 – Bahadur Shah succeeded Akbar Shah.

1911 – The capital of the British Empire was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.

New Delhi

1931 – Delhi became the capital of British India. Also new name “New Delhi” came into existence.

1948 – On 30th January 1948 Mahatama Gandhi was assassinated. The site where he was shot dead known as Gandhi Smriti.

1950 – Delhi was made the capital of Independent India.

1956 – Delhi became a Union Territory.

1962 – Master plan for Delhi.

1985 – National Capital Region demarcated.

1992 – Delhi declared a state.

2002 – Delhi Metro started and all public transport was converted to CNG.

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