Church which has a beautiful silver cross donated by Lord Irwin…

Cathedral Church of the Redemption


Introduction: Cathedral Church of the Redemption is standing with dignity on church road. Located to the east of President’s House, this church is not that creatively constructed like Cathedral of sacred hearts and St. Stephen church. Having a beautiful silver cross donated by Lord Irwin after being mesmerized by the beautiful  structure. Still this cathedral is among the most beautiful and magnificent churches in India. It has beautifully curved high arches and delicate domes. Church was built in such a way that even during the intense summer, it remains cool & comfortable. The interior has little white openings that filter in the sunlight and gorgeous stained glass windows all made up of white stone. Three entrances are there each from the North, South & West. One can say that it is a great example of wonderful tribute to Indian Christian life. Undoubtedly, one will fall in love with the architecture and traditional sitting style. The Cathedral has no restrictions for entry and it welcomes people from all religions to offer their prayers directly to Jesus.


History: Cathedral church of redemption is one more masterpiece in Delhi gifted by Lutyens . Though it had already opened to public but the church was officially opened to public on Sunday, 18 January 1931. Cathedral took almost four years to be built and was completely constructed at the end of 1935. The Church was designed by Henry Alexander Medd. The Design was inspired by the Palladio Church of ll Redentore in Venice and also Lutyen’s Hampstead church. This church is the proud owner of a 1733 Cambridge Press published Bible which was bound in red leather.


Open: Daily


Timings: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Prayer timings: Sunday 8:30 AM


Address: Church Road, Presidents Estate, New Delhi-110001


Nearest metro station: Patel Chowk


Celebrations: Easter and Christmas


Contact no.: 011-23094229


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