Daulat ki Chaat

A Chaat which is available only in Delhi in winters !!!

Daulat ki Chaat

Unlike other extreme spicy chaats in Delhi, this Chaat acts as a dessert. Prepared with milk and cream having its name “Daulat Ki Chaat” or known as “Malayo” in Varanasi. A dish topped with kesar, mawa, khoya and sugar. Served in a small cup or may be paper bowl by addying almond and pistachios. This dish was originally prepared with fresh buffalo’s milk because it contains more fat which lends the creamy texture. But today, people used cow’s milk at it is cheaper then buffalo’s milk. It takes about three to four hours to be fully prepared. They use saffron which gives it a nice yellowish color which looks flavorsome with white cream and saffron also gives it a sweet aroma. Few venders can be spotted with their handy thela selling it on the way to the “Parathey wali gali”.


So what are you waiting for?


Timing: Early morning- Sunset


Address: Paranthey wali Gali


Rates: 50 Rupees


Speciality: Taste


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