A fort which covers an area of more than 1.5kms.

Purana quila (old fort)


Introduction: The old fort or locally known as Purana Quila was constructed by Humayun and Sher Shah. The fort covers an area of more than 1.5 kilometres. Fort has three main gates namely humayun darwaza, talaqi darwaza and bara darwaza. Today one can enter into the complex through the bara daraza. Humayun darwaza used to be the south gate. The northern gate was called as the Talaqui darwaza or the forbidden gateway which combines the typically Islamic pointed arch with Hindu Chhatris and brackets. The walls of the old fort are said to be built by Humayun while the buildings in the old fort are constructed under Sher Shah period.

 The other two attractions at the fort site are:

  • Qila-I-Kuhna Masjid,
  • Sher Mandal, and
  • The small museum


History/about: Purana Quila was completely constructed at the end of 1545. There used to be a village by 1913 within the fort walls. In August 1947 during the Partition of India, Purana Qila and Humayun’s tomb used as the site for refugee camps for Muslims migrating to newly founded Pakistan.


Qila kuhna masjid

This masjid was built by Sultan sher shah in 1541. But the scarcity of white marbel seems to have led them to use deep red sandstone which gives the mosque a pleasing character. Mosque measures 51.20m by 14.90m. The west wall of the mosque has five arched openings. Which are richly ornamented in white and black marbel.

Sher Mandal

It was built by Humayun. It is a two storied octagonal tower in red sandstones, used by Humayun as his library.


The museum at the gate of the Purana Quila has many artifacts recording the beginning and end of a glorious era of the Mughal period.


Address:  Mathura Rd, New Delhi, Delhi-110003


Visiting hours: 7:00am-5:00pm


Open:  Daily


Entry Fee:  5 (Indians), 100 (foreigners)


Photography: Free


Nearest metro station: Pragati Maidan


Best time to visit: Go on a bright sunny day and always carry a water bottle


Contact no: 011-23365358



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