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A place where offerings are Pots and Crocks instead of Sweets and Money…

Matka Pir Dargah


Introduction: “Matke Shah Baba” or popularly known as “Matka Peer Dargah” is a mausoleum situated on the busy roads of Pragati Maidan. While entering one can see the numerous crocks or earthen pots are hanging on the trees. These pots are the traditional offerings along with jaggery. The main Dargah area is a home to the resting place of the Saint covered with colorful “Chaadars”. These “Chaadars” are offered by the visitors and devotees when their prayers are answered. There are many trees in the mausoleum but all of them are completely dry and don’t have even a single leaf.  Like Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah there are many shops selling baskets of red rose petals, incense sticks and offerings outside the Dargah premises. Not only this but Dargah is also famous for its Biryani stall. This stall has the name of Baba Shahi Bawarchi who said to have been cooking here from the time of Mughal empire.


History: This mausoleum is more than 800 years old and belongs to Hazrat Sheikh Abu Bakr Tusi Haidri Kalandari. He came to India from Iraq in 12th Century with the motive of spreading Islam. Legend has that one day while saint was walking on the banks of river Yamuna, he saw a man going to commit suicide because of suffering from a incurable disease. He had almost no chances of getting well again. The Saint stopped him and gave him some water from his silver pot. Then onward the man’s health started improving continuously and after some time he was totally cured from the disease.


Open: Daily


Address: Mathura Road, Pragati Maidan, Delhi-110003


Nearest metro station: Pragati Maidan


Contact no.: 011-23379666


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