The place where the first war of Indian independence took place…



Introduction: Once Delhi used to have 13 gates but today only seven are alive and can be seen. The Ajmeri Gate is one of the seven surviving gates of Delhi, located in the busy Chawri bazar area of Delhi. New Delhi Railway Station is at walking distance from here. The design and the architectural pattern of this gate are very simple but unique with having high arched openings. Near the gate there is a Madrasa built by Ghaziuddin Bahadur to promote Islamic learning. Just next to the madarsa there is a school named Anglo-Arabic school which once was a Delhi university college. The original structure is still untouched except some of the fort walls that turned to be residential buildings. The lighting and hoarding work is also done to beautify this place. The gate has been so named as it is facing towards the city of Ajmer. Today one can see the gate surrounded by a beautiful green garden which welcomes many tourists and residential jogger daily.


History: Ajmeri gate was completely constructed in the end of 1644. In 1857, this was the place where the first war of Indian independence took place. Among the main 13 gates of Shahjahanabad, it is witnessed as the most significant in Delhi’s ancient times. The reason behind the name was that it is situated on a road that leads to Ajmer in Rajasthan.


Visiting time: 24 Hours


Open: All Days


Entry: Still Free


Nearest metro station: Chawri Bazar, New Delhi


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