“SMOG”  – It should not be taken lightly!!!


As we have been seeing that our Delhi is breathing toxic air from Diwali now has brought out a decision of shutting down schools for a week and halting all construction activities until next week to protect ourselves from this hazardous SMOG. Not only eyes watering but the smog is too strong that is leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. According to the survey, Hospitals are reporting a rise in cases of respiratory diseases including mostly elderly and children. According to many researches this air pollution leads to many heart diseases.We cannot blame only burning of farm residue in Punjab and Haryana behind the worst SMOG but also the heavy rise of vehicles in Delhi NCR.

Zero visibility at many places like Noida expressway and Delhi-Jaipur highway has also led to many sever accidents. After seeing all this Delhi is getting ready one more time for the odd-even plan, an emergency measure which was earlier implemented by Delhi in January. Though that the limited use of private cars will not be preventing us entirely from SMOG but still it will be helping in some manners. To come out from this thick quilt of smoke and dust over the city Govt has also proposed artificial rain through cloud seeding.


“Anumitra Roychowdhury of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) compared the conditions with that of the 1952 Great Smog in London, which killed about 4,000 people.”

–  Source


Steps should be followed:

1. People should stay at home as much as they can and they should try working from home.

2. Avoid all possible activities which makes breathing faster and leads to more inhalation of toxic air.

3. Wear safety masks.

4. Avoid using personal vehicles and travel as much in Delhi Metro.

5. Use air purifiers in Homes.

6. Stop eating junk and fast food whereas a fruit diet will help you very much.


Most polluted areas: Punjabi Bagh and Anand Vihar

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