Ballimaran market

The place where the first war of Indian independence took place…

AJMERI GATE   Introduction: Once Delhi used to have 13 gates but today only seven are alive and can be seen. The Ajmeri Gate is one of the seven surviving gates of Delhi, located in the busy Chawri bazar area of Delhi. New Delhi Railway Station is at walking distance from here. The design and […]

KALAN MASJID – The “Big” Mosque

Kalan Masjid   Introduction: Originally named Kalan Masjid but commonly known as Kali Masjid (Black Mosque). This mosque has been built on a raised platform which is 20feet above the ground. This bright green mosque is higher than Delhi’s other functioning mosques. Some people also say that the reason behind the name Kalan was, in the […]

‘Masjid-i-jahanuma’ – WORLD’S LARGEST MOSQUE

JAMA MASJID   Introduction: ‘Masjid-i-jahanuma’ which means the mosque presenting the view of the world. This mosque is locally known as Jama Masjid which literally means Friday mosque. It is one of the largest mosques in India and probably one of the last architectural works of the emperor Shah Jahan. The mosque is built on a red […]