Jamat khana majid
Qutub minar
Humayun tomb

A poet whose couplets are very famous and still taught in our schools but very few know that he is buried in Delhi…

Khan-e-Khana   Introduction: Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana who is popularly known as Rahim was a renowned poet and one of the ministers of emperor Akbar, who were also known as “Navratana”. He lies buried in a beautiful mausoleum situated in Nizamuddidn East near Humayun’s tomb. It is very close to the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in Nizamuddin […]

Old stones

Heritage in Delhi Ancient Delhi has some of the most beautiful and incredible Monuments that keep attracting millions of tourists across the globe. Delhi has been the city of the rulers like the Delhi sultanate, Tughlaqs, Mughals, Lodhis, Sayyids, and the British Raj. Though every one of them had their unique style of construction. Many […]