Daulat ki Chaat

A Chaat which is available only in Delhi in winters !!!

Daulat ki Chaat Unlike other extreme spicy chaats in Delhi, this Chaat acts as a dessert. Prepared with milk and cream having its name “Daulat Ki Chaat” or known as “Malayo” in Varanasi. A dish topped with kesar, mawa, khoya and sugar. Served in a small cup or may be paper bowl by addying almond […]

delhi street food

Delhi’s Mouth-watering Food!

  Delhi is a food paradise for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians as you can find almost all types of Indian cuisine here. Be it Indian, Mughalai, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bengali, South Indian, Kashmiri. A fusion of eighteenth century’s style of cooking with twenty-first century’s techniques will make you feel like having a meal in […]