Red Fort

A brief look over Delhi’s history 

Indraprastha Delhi has long historical relations which dated back to Mahabharat. Legend has that before before 1460 B.C Yudhisthira, the Pandava king built a city named “Indraprastha”. Old Fort marks to be the site where city of indraprastha located. 100 BC – As the time gone Raja Dhilu came into the power and renamed it […]

Razia sultan's tomb

Tomb of ‘Razia Sultan’ – The first and only female Emperor of Delhi, probably India.

Razia Sultan Tomb   Introduction: A very small rubble stone tomb is located near to Kalan Masjid which belongs to Razia Sultan. This place is living in the area namely ‘Bulbuli Khana’ which is located between Sitaram Bazaar and Turkman Gate. After entering into the courtyard one will see another unknown tomb. One of them […]

The place where the first war of Indian independence took place…

AJMERI GATE   Introduction: Once Delhi used to have 13 gates but today only seven are alive and can be seen. The Ajmeri Gate is one of the seven surviving gates of Delhi, located in the busy Chawri bazar area of Delhi. New Delhi Railway Station is at walking distance from here. The design and […]